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This article is the start of a series, focused on helping you to convert more leads to customers. In it, we'll focus on the many aspects involved in the sales lifecycle. We'll even breakdown the sales lifecycle! There is quite a lot in this blog, and if you need any of it explained, book some time to speak with an expert about it for free.

Below you'll find the opening few paragraphs of each topic, make sure to follow the links to the full article to get everything you need. Tie it all together with this sales process checklist at the end.

Last year I took part in a training bootcamp with HubSpot Sales legend and all around nice guy David Weinhaus. His training and guidance has provided much of the content in the following chapters.

This blog is focused on what to do with leads, if you are still looking to get more leads, learn about inbound marketing and how it can help your business here.



How to make complex sales; the 1, 2, 3 of why, what, and how.

Selling professional services is a complex task, and you can easily put a prospect off, just by not knowing what stage of the sales lifecycle they are in. Do you know when pitching your solution is the wrong thing to do? Learn what the hell we’re talking about, why you should know this, and how you can use this strategy to close more prospective clients.


There are 3 sales that make up every professional services sale...

the 3 sale sale first five eight


Selling financial advice or any other professional service is a complex process. Successful execution overcomes three challenges. A hurried execution that skips over crucial steps is more likely to put a prospect off rather than sign a new client up.

A temptation when offering a complex sale, especially when selling an excellent product you really believe in, is to take the client straight to all the good points of the service. This often turns the client off, even if the service is the best value for money deal on the market, that you wholeheartedly support.


Selling a service is often new territory for your client, so you need to manage the sales lifecycle. One of the first things you need to do is to understand the sale from the client’s perspective, the client needs to lead you to where the problems are. Your job is to see where and how your services might fit the client’s problem and that can only be discovered if the client first tells you what his or her problem is.


You need a process that focuses on the client, and is not focused on the service you want to sell, but more the service the client needs to buy. And if that service is something that you don’t offer, you should recommend the alternative solution, and some direction on the best place they might find it. Turning away business may sound bad for business, but solving your client’s problem is your obligation, and you’ll be sure to earn your prospects trust by being honest.


Complex professional service sales can be broken down into 3 separate sales and these sales require different interactions with a prospect. Now you don’t need to make all of these sales in the one meeting, in fact they should be broken up over a few meetings during the sales cycle. This is often for the best, as otherwise the client can become overwhelmed in one big meeting


Follow the link below where we'll walk you through the 3 sale sale and how to use 3 steps to close more business... READ MORE





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The Three C's of Selling Value

Sales professionals that work in selling financial services often make the common mistake of thinking that the lowest price will always lead to maximum conversion. However, the best sellers focus on value rather than price.


Selling based on low prices alone is not a profitable strategy for any business. If you focus on the value of your services, you can still remain competitive in the market place because customers are willing to spend a little extra when they see value in an investment. While value can be related to the monetary value of an item, it can also be measured by the fair return of a good or service.


We have compiled our 3 C's for selling value to help you refocus your strategies for selling financial services to maximise your profits while also meeting the needs of your clients.


The Ultimate Sales Checklist to Close More Deals

We've pulled togeter everything you need to complete in the sales process in order to close more deals. With this checklist, you can audit your sales performance, and make sure you cover all the bases, to ensure you give yourself the best chance at closing more business.

The ultimate sales checklist to close more customers First Five Eight Media 



The 3 sale sale

Seven top sales skills



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