Hospitality digital marketing


Here's a chance for you to make an overwhelming difference to your on-line presence, and bring more customers to your nightclub. We'll set you up with a pristine website and hospitality digital marketing platform that nightclubs are successfully using to market their venue! Our clients have seen a 2x and 3x the number of functions bookings received since upgrading their online image


Your website should set you up to:

  • Get more customers to your nightclub
  • Sell more functions
  • Sell more booth bookings
  • Promote your events & DJs
  • Sell tickets to your events
  • Make your venue look incredible

The way people find places to eat drink and party has changed

People are constantly on-line and without a strong hospitality digital marketing strategy, you're losing business

So what do you need?

The main sections you need as a hospitality venue is a decent website that answers their questions and allows them to get in touch with you. They need to know about your function space, your events, your food and drink options and your opening hours. These are the main items, and if you can cover these off, you're doing ok

To keep people updated, you need to be active on social media. You don't need to flog everyone with daily messages, but promote your business, and thank your customers. Post photos from nights out and encourage people to tag eachother. You can run competitions as well to give away free drinks

Not sure where to start

We've got options from basic to advanced. We can fill a template with yout content, we can tailor it to your needs, and we can build you something from scratch, it's really up to you, and how much of a return you expect to get from your website and hospitality digital marketing strategy. And that's where it gets really interesting.. we can help you track your websites performance, reporting the return on investment for events, function bookings, and advertising campaigns. Never waste your money again, be smart with it by tracking it and understanding what works for your customer

Do you need a new website?


more traffic to your website?

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More Leads from your site?

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Get More Customers


You're customers go on-line hundreds of times a day checking facebook, emails and Google

  • Let them know what's going on and when to come
  • Tell them about specials & events at the club
  • Get some professional photos to show of your club
  • Promote your website through social media

Sell More Functions

There's thousands of people actively searching for function venues in Melbourne each month

  • Show off the best of your venue
  • Provide an interactive floor plan and gallery
  • Provide a 3D virtual tour
  • Publish the catering and beverage options
  • Provide a downloadable functions pack
  • Be available on Live Chat
  • Display offers for on-line function bookings
  • Have a detailed function book form



Promote your Food & Drinks

Show off the quality of the food and drinks that you have on offer

  • We'll provide high quality professional imagery
  • Show off your cocktail skills
  • A clear list of all menu items - not a PDF 
  • Allergy information
  • Happy Hour Specials

Sell Event Tickets

Promote your events on-line

  • Myguestlist Integration
  • E-Commerce Set up
  • Digital Marketing 
  • Digital Advertising - Pay per click
  • Socal Media Marketing

Interactive Floor Plan

Give customers an inside view with an interactive floor plan

Nightclub Interactive Floor Plan v2.gif


Our Offer

Prices will be confirmed during elaboration

For customers that are looking for the basic setup and a responsive website to show off their venue, with fast turnaround

For those that want to show off their venue and are looking to get new customers from the web

For those that want the best for their venue and are serious about growing their business digitally